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5 Netflix Shows for Writers to Binge-Watch

5 Netflix Shows for Writers to Binge-Watch Netflix and chill takes on a totally new importance when youre an essayist searching for motivation. With the plenty of shows and themes accessible for a little expense for every month, its now simpler than at any other time for authors to discover narrating motivation while additionally accomplishing down time as media utilization and unwinding to an incredible series.With this at the top of the priority list, here are the top shows on Netflix that you basically shouldnt miss if youre an essayist. From master discourse, to narrating virtuoso, to character circular segments that would even intrigue Tolstoy, here are five Netflix shows you completely should see to consummate your craft.Russian DollRussian Doll, featuring Natasha Lyonne.Imagine being a solitary lady the evening of your 36th birthday celebration yet remembering that night over and over all trying to understand the phenomenally pessimistic chaos that your life has become. From lethally entertaining to forlornly dismal, R ussian Doll takes on its very own existence after the initial barely any scenes of the hero coming back to that night in this eight-section Netflix arrangement planned for investigating emotional meltdown at its finest.This audit from NPRs Linda Holmes summarizes the show best:A lady whose wavy red hair spills past her shoulders remains before a washroom reflect as a gathering seethes outside. She takes a gander at her appearance. Individuals slam against the entryway to get in. She turns and leaves, through an entryway with a handgun for a handle, out of the restroom where the regions of the dividers and entryway gleam with blotches of nippy blue light. As she leaves, two ladies drive their way past her into the restroom, and she moves into the room where the gathering is. Companions swarm around her. A lady cooking in the kitchen offers her a joint bound with cocaine. Something isn't right. She is a sharp New York game originator who appears to smoke partially for the smoking itse lf, yet additionally to some degree so she can motion, in brisk little pokes, with her cigarette. Also, she cannot make sense of very whats going on. What was I simply doing? she asks her friend.Linda Holmes, NPRThe truth that Natasha Lyonne, one of the stars of Netflixs unique, Orange is the New Black, drives the cast doesnt hurt the extreme impact of the show. The on-screen character is splendid at playing a lost 30-something party young lady grappling with her life choices and future decisions. All things considered, the show is an astonishing plunge into profound character study and special narrating, and would be an invite expansion to any essayists investigation into what makes us human all things considered. Especially those of us who think too much.The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, featuring Andrew Lincoln and Norman ReedusDont watch The Walking Dead for the carnage. Truth be told, dont watch the show due to zombies or whole-world destroying fiction by any means. Basically w atch it for the character concentrate in a Lord of the Flies-esque investigation of how society falls under the weight of endurance of the fittest.Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic, says of the first season:In an early scene we see the passionate cost the killings can take and in a few cases, Grimes and others give recognition to the previous humankind of their predators. Yet at the same time, zombies are plainly not human. Or on the other hand rather they are the bad dream variant of humankind, the dread that our loved ones are not reliable in light of the fact that they are equipped for turning on us at any time.That same uneasiness is happened among the survivors-the doubt that what affability we have is simply a propensity, that any move in the request for things will uncover the shrouded menaces and dictators, the killers and attackers and criminals. The Walking Dead, similar to any great frightfulness story, despite everything puts stock in the significance of beasts, impeccably adjusting the battle of essential human conventionality with those palsied four in the first part of the day minutes when we are persuaded that everybody around us is attempting to eat us alive.Mary McNamara, Los Angeles TimesBlack MirrorBlack Mirror, featuring Bryce Dallas Howard and Hannah John-KamenTechno-distrustfulness, oppressed world, anticipation Black Mirrors collection like way to deal with all were uncomfortable with in our reality is an ensured approach to flip around your psyche and back to front. From the haziness inalienable in online life to the lives we attempt to keep covered up regardless of elder sibling, Black Mirror investigates the darker side of innovation and human instinct when both of them join to make a genuine feeling of madness.In mirroring our unequivocally abnormal and dim 21st Century presence back to us, Black Mirror, made by Charlie Brooker and official delivered by Brooker and Annabel Jones, is a show that is ensured to get any journalists mind spinning with potential outcomes from oppressed world to cyberpunk and all the domains of conceivable outcomes in between.Emily Nussbaum, commentator for The New Yorker writes:Anyone who has skimmed Guy Debords Wikipedia page or viewed the American Music Awards could censure our way of life as a disguise, an exhibition of virtuality. Be that as it may, whats invigorating about Black Mirror is that Brooker goes further than that, pointing past the undeniable focuses on the fools and narcissists of the Internet. Rather, his scalawags are the dishonesty skeptics, similar to the unscripted television judge, in one scene, who mumbles, with cagey count, Authenticity is in woefully short gracefully. In Black Mirror, the risk isn't lack of concern, or, in any event, not excessively alone: its letting your shock transform into scorn, a posture of offense that is, at long last, more savage than any urgency to be loved.Emily Nussbaum, The New YorkerMeanwhile, Michelle Orange, essayist for Vogue, recommends Black Mirror may be the Twilight Zone of the Digital Age, and writes:Black Mirror [is] really hard to watch. Whats trapped in its dim reflection may look a great deal like you. There are oppressive minutes and a schematic quality fundamental to its venture, however generally speaking the show is sincerely and brilliantly, inventively connected with its occasions, which makes it-incidentally, given the focal arraignment of spectatorship-difficult to turn away. The accounts set prototype human quandaries passing, personality, constancy inside a completely new setting, which is actually how we are living them. What they uncover of human instinct isn't new however recently caught. Later on for Black Mirror, innovation has set us, or, in other words we have set ourselves, an ideal trap.Michelle Orange, VogueThe KillingThe Killing, featuring Joel Kinnaman And Mireille Enos.While truly, the crowd and pundit audits will in general swoon descending as the arra ngement advances, The Killing beginnings off with a blast that is difficult to beat with regards to police procedural and wrongdoing show action.Critic Troy Patterson from Slate Magazine, who thinks about The Killing to the scandalous Twin Peaks, composes: The preface for all intents and purposes works as a schematic graph of all the police procedurals-with their upright examiners and their semi necrophiliac tone-that The Killing appears to deconstruct and reassemble on a higher plain.David Bianculli, as heard on NPRs Fresh Air program, again compares The Killing to Twin Peaks and recommends that it, alongside a portion of the universes most popular ongoing wrongdoing arrangement, have originated from Scandinavian nations, incorporating Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He likewise notes:The Killing is deliberately moderate, and doesnt give any of the typical staples of the class as high-octane alleviation. No firearm fights, no vehicle pursues just cops carrying out their responsibility , government officials searching for approaches to turn things for their potential benefit and guardians confronting their most noticeably awful feelings of dread. Theres one scene, in which the guardians are brought in to recognize the body of their little girl, where their individual responses are nonverbal, detached and genuinely singing. The couple dont even hold or take a gander at one another. In that horrendous second, theyre hit by their own individual despondency. Its astoundingly great acting-yet, as such a large amount of The Killing, its intense to watch.But it has the right to be seen-and the industriousness of these investigators is somewhat suggestive of Columbo, where their unassuming, irregular methodology winds up uncovering certain concealed hints and, simultaneously, getting us to pull for them unequivocally along the way.David Bianculli, NPRs Fresh AirBianculli keeps on noticing that The Killing is AMCs most discouraging arrangement yet-and this is from a system that has given us prophetically catastrophic zombies and an in critical condition precious stone meth manufacturer.Stranger ThingsStranger Things, featuring Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobby Brown.There cannot be a rundown of gorge commendable Netflix appears for essayists without including my undisputed top choice, Stranger Things.With the principal season set in 1983 in the anecdotal town of Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger Things is a nostalgic outing back to adolescence during the 80s, with narrating that is as rigid as it is completely executed. In spite of the fact that the cast is huge, it turns out to be difficult to pick a top choice, as each character becomes as beyond a reasonable doubt adored as ones youth playmates.Any grown-up who grew up riding bikes with companions, investigating the forested areas, and trembling around evening time to creepy stories told underneath covers will feel a veritable association with the children. Any parent who has ev er felt powerless as their kid encounters injury will feel moment sympathy for the grown-up characters in the show.Its extremely hard to portray Stranger Things to somebody who hasnt seen it. There are real frightfulness components motivated by Stephen Kings abstract universe, joined with nail-gnawing part portions that make it hard to NOT marathon watch the show. Joined with a completely coordinated soundtrack and heavenly acting, Stranger Things ought to be on any authors radar-especially for an exercise on the best way to make a story that accomplishes thoughtful characters, while engaging the feelings and basic apprehensions of a group of people. As commentator Wenlei Ma notes, Dont simply watch it for the sentimentality or the authentic drags, watch it since its convincing narrating.

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Application As Physician Assistant Personal Statement

Application As Physician Assistant - Personal Statement Example For a long time, I filled in as an Emergency Medical Technician for 72 hours every week, or more, at whatever point conceivable; and gave a valiant effort at school. These difficulties, and the mental issue of both, my mom and sister, gave the stimulus to my choice to seek after a Physician Assistant Program. Therefore, I have certified that my past social insurance encounters and the responsibility to attempt message-based chipping in with chemical imbalance patients, veterans and constantly discouraged patients in my Santa Ana Community through the California Fellowship of Neuromuscular Therapists association, make me qualified to seek after the PA Program. I need to be a PA for proficient development in the clinical field and to empower me to help my family and my locale who needs medicinal services laborers who comprehend the alternatives and impediments in their lives and can work with them to confront under-instruction in solid protection from care. I exceeded expectations in r ub treatment school, with a 97% rating. I recognize that PA school is progressively troublesome; yet, I unequivocally trust I would exceed expectations because of the time the executives aptitudes that have been created; and a point of view that perceives setting instruction, as the need. I confirm my conviction that I could be an instrumental supporter of the prosperity of individuals through endeavor the obligations of a doctor right hand. The difficulties and challenges that I have experienced in life were viewed as meager surprisingly beneficial developments to seek after a profitable and remunerating calling.

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Avoid Blowing Up Your Honeymoon Budget - OppLoans

Avoid Blowing Up Your Honeymoon Budget - OppLoans Avoid Blowing Up Your Honeymoon Budget Avoid Blowing Up Your Honeymoon BudgetThere are plenty of ways to have the romantic getaway of your dreams without breaking the bank.It may not be as hefty as the wedding industry, but the honeymoon industry is still a $12 billion- a-year industry. And after spending time planning (and paying for) a wedding, a honeymoon is yet another early married-life expense.According to Trip Savvy, the average American honeymoon costs $4,466, while 15% of the market will indulge in more expensive vacationing for an average of $9,954.With the ever-present pressures of social media, it’s easier than ever to overspend on a honeymoon and end up with serious guilt, debt, or post-vacation stress because of itâ€"a side-effect that many tend to suffer from as original research from OppU shows. Even if your intentions are right, it’s easy to get caught up in the Instagrammable moments and lose sight of what you can actually afford. But you can have the honeymoon you want on a budget; it just takes som e research and proper planning.You don’t want to have to rack up your credit card bills, drain your savings account, or take out a personal loan to finance a honeymoon. Any of these options will just lead to unnecessary financial stress. Here are some tips to help you stay on track.Timing is everythingThere is no hard-and-fast rule about taking your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. And if you’re planning on tying the knot during the hectic wedding season (hello summer), you might want to think twice about jetting off right after the reception.The easiest way to save major dough on your honeymoon getaway is to plan for a vacation in the off-season. Wherever your destination may be, you’re bound to find significantly better rates for hotels, transportation, and excursions if you go at a non-peak tourist time.The Knot suggests the off-season or shoulder season (immediately before or after the peak season)   to avoid both higher costs and crowds. Not to mention that travel ing during the off-season doesn’t mean the weather will ruin your good time.“Many islands in the Caribbean have ideal temperatures year-round, but rates skyrocket from January to April due to high demand from winter-weary East Coast travelers,” The Knot says. “In other locales, off-season means high temps, bitter cold, or potential hurricanes, so many hotels and activities in the area shut down completely until more hospitable weather returns. It depends on the place, so definitely do a little research to find out about your dream spot.”Always mention your newlywed statusDon’t hit people over the head with it, but when you’re booking anything from your hotel to your dinner reservation, be sure to let them know you’re on your honeymoon. Even if you don’t get some kind of upgrade, you might get a fun gift or free dessert to celebrate your occasion.Katie James Watkinson for wrote that it’s in a company’s best interest to treat you on your special trip, because those kinds of celebrations can always benefit them.“Resorts arent just romantics: Its smart business to cater to honeymooners because theyre more likely to be repeat customers over the years as the resort will always have a sentimental value for them(Admit it: If you have a great time, youd probably love to come back again and again for key anniversaries.),” she wrote.   “So, if theres something they can do to get your business, make sure they know youll be celebrating your wedding. They may mark your reservation the first time you mention it, but just in case they dont be sure to mention the fact on subsequent calls.”The Knot also suggests “playing the honeymoon card” during or before your trip, and advises that perks or upgrades might be better during the off-season. Think upgraded room versus upgraded table at dinner.Put it on the registryIf you’re part of the 75% of engaged couples who live together before getting married, you probably don’t need a ton o f the “traditional” wedding registry stuff. You might create a gift registry for the bridal or wedding shower to upgrade some of what you already have, but honeymoon registries are becoming more and more common.Megan Grant at Bustle suggests using HoneyFund to collect money for your first vacation together post-nuptials. The free honeymoon registry gives you a chance to let your guests know what you’ll be doing and gives them the option to help you pay for it.“Wedding gifts were traditionally meant to help set the new couple up in their home,” Grant wrote. “These days, many partners have a home together before getting married. Do you really need that extra pair of silver candlesticks or a waffle iron? Probably not. In lieu of gifts, ask people to instead put money toward your honeymoon.”Other websites like The Knot include integrated honeymoon funds in their wedding registry options. Guests can do everything from contribute to the general fund or give to a specific out ing like snorkeling or a romantic dinner by the ocean. This way you don’t clutter your kitchen   cabinets with junk you don’t need, and you won’t destroy your savings or end up with vacation spending guilt because you happened to take your dream honeymoon.Use a Travel AgentTravel agents aren’t a thing of the past.They may not be as common as they used to be, but utilizing the knowledge of a travel agent can be a lifesaver for someone planning a wedding or honeymoon. They take care of finding you the best deals and making your trip the best it can be. Best of all? They’re usually free.“A travel agent has access to deals and savings you dont, and you might not even have to pay them for their services,” Grant wrote.No matter what: It costs to travelAt the end of the day, travel is expensive, no matter how you slice it or dice it, but it doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your life, when the point is to get out of town to relax. Here are some additional tips on navigating th ose price-saving hacks.

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Racial Discrimination Is A Big Social Issue Today

Racial discrimination is a big social issue today, especially with the president elect, Donald Trump in office. According to Timothy Mcgettigan in the article, â€Å"Donald Trump and White Racism† declares, â€Å" the 2016 presidential election has become a national referendum on racism † . Throughout his campaign, he has made it clear, his disgust towards immigrants, Hispanic communities and minorities. Trump has stereotyped hispanics by using food stamps, crime, unpaid taxes and living songerly. It has brought people together in protest and discrimination. Racism takes on and blinds the history and roots that occurred in the past. People of color deserve respect and should not face discriminatory treatment. Influenced by the nation s leader,†¦show more content†¦The Freedom of Equality states, â€Å"... African-Americans continue to suffer discrimination because of the historic consequences of their skin color, †¦ been enslaved and then only partially freed.† to demonstrate the still existence of discrimination to minorities after past slavery events. â€Å"It took years of bitter and divisive struggles to change this kind of broad discrimination †¦ blood was spilled, it was shocking to observe the degree of racial prejudice among people† (Carter). The saddest part of it all is, history repeats. When has, anyone heard someone give an uplifting comment to a Hispanic. On the news, we see the crimes and skin color to determine all the ethnic group’s actions and are accused of taking jobs that they themselves do not want. The most common jobs for a â€Å"Mexican† are landscaping and working in the fields, it has never been anyone’s dream job yet. In addition it can lead to economic effects. Hispanics are overworked and underpaid, which gives goods at a cheaper cost. Without those latinos, goods would increase. Latinos are not all Mexican, but people assume they are. Chicanos make up most of the population. Can you imagine no diversity in the U.S.? It will leave a lot of empty space. They are placed in the same category as ignorance and not American. As we see stereotypes we see that people use them to believe that Mexicans are drug dealers and are on food stamps. What is most heard is the typical â€Å"Go back to your country† expression.Show MoreRela tedRacial Discrimination : An American Civil Rights Activist942 Words   |  4 PagesAl Sharpton an American civil rights activist talked about racial discrimination in America today and said â€Å"As I often say, we have come a long way from the days of slavery, but in 2014, discrimination and inequality still saturates our society in modern ways. Though racism may be less blatant now in many cases, its existence is undeniable.† (Al Sharpton. Racial discrimination is a pessimistic reality that affects everyone in our society. Racism has destroyed and ended many livesRead MoreDiscrimination Is A Big Social Problem893 Words   |  4 PagesDiscrimination remains widespread, types of discrimination exist from gender to workplace. In some cases, people are still treated as second-class citizens, lacking basic rights and suffering violence and many kinds of disadvantages. Discrimination is a big social problem that needs to be addressed. In this memo, our group will clearly define current social issues such as sexual discrimination and racial discrimination, deeply analyze these two issues, and provide specific solutions for managersRead MoreRace Relations And Social Inequality1610 Words   |  7 Pageswritten to discuss social inequality related to race relations. By comparing two articles â€Å"Ethno-Racial Attitudes and Social Inequality† and â€Å"What happens before? A field experiment exploring how pay and representation differentially shape bias on the pathway into organizations† this paper will explore racial social injustices with the intent to showcase the thinking about race relations and social inequality. Points of Interest Racial inequality is a volatileRead MoreThe Young Man Of A Slave, Jarvius Cotton1230 Words   |  5 Pages African American’s have undergone a multitude of complex social and economic challenges over decades dating back to enslavement in the pre civil rights era and simultaneously in a present day unequal democracy. The suppositions, arguments, and defenses of such struggles have been rationalized in terms of support of radicalized racial discrimination and exclusion in many occupational and social forms of contribution to social life. However, despite, having undoubtedly changed and evolvedRead MoreDiversity, Inequality, and Immigration Essay1004 Words   |  5 PagesFulwood HHS201 Angela Anderson February 11th, 2013 Diversity, inequality, and immigration or three words that brings mind some of the current political subjects that are currently affecting the United States today. Throughout the country’s history, there is the notable inequality and racial injustice in our society. This can be seen, and our history textbooks, about the Civil War, civil rights movement, and the more recently with the gay-rights movement. That history of this country is establishedRead MoreAfrican American Struggles747 Words   |  3 PagesHEAD: AFRICAN AMERICAN STRUGGLES 1 African American Struggles Shaneisa Smith Soc 308: Racial Ethnic Groups Risa Garelick November 23, 2011 AFRICAN AMERICAN STRUGGLES 2 African American Struggles African Americans are knows to face various issues throughout their lives. From being discriminated against, to trying to fit into society, African Americans still have problems becauseRead MoreRacism : Racism And Community Competence1436 Words   |  6 PagesBook Analysis: Racism Racism is a major social problem in the world. It is not restricted to a certain country or society. A lot of times, racism is portrayed in a subtle way. Like how certain races don’t get as much chances to get a good job. Or perhaps how certain races aren’t given an equal social reality than people with different backgrounds get. As an example, it may be harder for someone that is African American to get a job at a rich business than a person who is caucasian. That is the unfortunateRead MoreSegregation And Effects On African American Communities1523 Words   |  7 PagesAfro-American. According to a scientist by the name of Agassi, â€Å"blacks are not created equal†, and he claims that they’re not fit to live in the same society as whites. This research essay attempts to inform readers on some major systemic issues that are prevalent today. Segregation is the reason why there is so much inequality among black and white communities. Segregation causes i nequality for minorities and blacks in particular, they are deprived of important goods and services that are not offeredRead MoreMartin Luther King And Rosa Parks : Achieving Racial Equality Essay1543 Words   |  7 PagesParks in achieving racial equality, the presence of racism in American society continues to cause turmoil between white and minority individuals, which invokes an essential question: despite living in a modern and progressive society, why has racial equality not been truly achieved yet? Unfortunately, the long-lasting presence of racial injustice has prevented our society from attaining full acceptance of diverse beliefs and eradication of racial segregation, which still exists today on a much less noticeableRead MoreRacial Segregation Of The United States1508 Words   |  7 PagesWe have issues. More specifically the United States has issues, continuous and all encompassing issues of racial inequality.The United States is experiencing a outburst of racism, as c an be seen from the 2014 killings of two unarmed African-American men, to the brutality of white supremacy in Charleston and the string of arsons in black churches across the South. Of course, it’s nothing new for a nation with a long history of extreme racist violence—the most recent lynching-related death occurred

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Identify Types of Fir Trees in America

True firs are in the genus Abies and there are between 45-55 species of these evergreen conifers worldwide. The trees are found through much of North and Central America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, occurring in higher elevations and mountains over most of the range. The Douglas or Doug fir is also a fir tree but in the genus Pseudotsuga and is only native to western North American forests. All firs are in the pine family called Pinaceae. Firs can be distinguished from other members of the pine family by their needle-like leaves. Identification of the North American Firs Fir needles are typically short and mostly soft with blunt tips. The cones are cylindrical and upright and the shape of a fir tree is very narrow with rigid, upright, or horizontal branching as opposed to drooping branches on some spruce trees. Unlike a spruce tree, fir needles are attached to twigs mostly in an arrangement that is in two rows. The needles grow outward and curving up from the twig and form a flattish spray. There is also a distinct lack of needles on the bottom side of its twig, unlike spruces that carry needles in a whirl all around the twig. In true firs, the base of each needle is attached to a twig by something that looks like a suction cup. That attachment is much different than spruce needles that are attached with a peg-like petiole. The cones of fir trees are very different when comparing Abies to Pseudotsuga.  The true fir cones are rarely seen up close as they grow toward the top of the tree. They are an elongated oval, disintegrate on the limb (almost never dropping to the ground intact), perch upright, and often ooze resin. Douglas fir cones stay intact and are generally abundant in and under the tree. This unique cone has a three-pointed bract (snake tongue) between each scale. The Common North American Firs Balsam firPacific silver firCalifornia red firNoble firGrand firWhite firFraser firDouglas fir More on the True Firs The balsam fir is North Americas northern-most fir, with an extensive range in Canada, and primarily grows in the northeastern United States. Western firs are the Pacific silver fir, California red fir, Noble fir, grand fir, and white fir. Fraser fir is rare in its natural Appalachian range but extensively planted and grown for Christmas trees. Firs have absolutely no insect or decay resistance when exposed to the outside environment. Therefore, the wood is generally recommended for indoor housing use for sheltered support framing and in furniture for cheaper structural construction. So, the wood of most firs is considered unsuitable for general timber and lumber use and is often used as pulp or for the manufacture of interior plywood support and rough timber. This wood left outside cannot be expected to last more than 12 to 18 months, depending on the type of climate it is exposed to. It is commonly referred to by several different names in the timber trade including North American timber, SPF (spruce, pine, fir), and whitewood. Noble fir, Fraser fir, and Balsam fir are very popular Christmas trees, generally considered to be the best trees for this purpose, with aromatic foliage that does not shed many needles on drying out. Many are also very decorative garden trees.

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Causes Of The American Revolution - 1418 Words

The American Revolution was not just a spontaneous revolt over taxes some may think . There were many things that led up to the outbreak of the American Revolution, such as the Navigation Act, the Enlightenment, the Great Awakening, the French and Indian War, the Boston Massacre, and the Coercive Acts. It took many years for it to take place. This all started previously before 1775 with the first major event being the Navigation Acts of 1651. The Navigation Act of 1651 was an attempt to put more control over where and who England could trade with. It was decided that only English ships could carry goods that were going to and from the colonies. The English government was trying to have a close watch on England’s Imports and Exports. This†¦show more content†¦People of this time wanted to find out the truth they didn’t want to live in a world of past secrets and lies. These people did not care what they were going to hear as long as it was the truth and nothing but the truth. A man named Immanuel Kant, a philosopher during this time, encouraged people to be open minded, to not hide from the truth, and be able to think for oneself. He and others used the power of reason in their life. Sort of like how I said power of reason the Enlightenment was also called the Age of Reasoning. Since these people were getting into science and reasoning there had been many new tools and ways of believing. Deist of thi s time believed in â€Å"natural laws†. Thus meaning that God put us on earth planned everything out, but no longer interacted with us. Think of it this way, God put us on earth with a plan and set a clock that goes with us, but he can never touch it again. The Enlightenment started to leave the colonist speculating their traditional religions they are used to this starts what is known as the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening was a time of divide. The Enlightenment led many people to question their religious belief, which entered 1730 the Great Awakening. â€Å"The growing popularity of theShow MoreRelatedThe Revolution : The Cause Of The American Revolution1898 Words   |  8 Pages The American Revolution was the turning point for the colonies that made up the United States today. It was the war that freed the colonists from British control. But what actually caused the American Revolution? Well, there’s no simple answer to that question. In fact, most of the causes acted as if they were dominoes. These events can be categorized in four periods of time or setting. These groups are, Salutary neglect, Mercantilism, Boston, and Unity of protests. Salutary neglect was the ideaRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution1202 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout history many revolutions took place, ranging from the unremarkable to a truly memorable, as the French revolution, the Americ an Revolution, and the Bolshevik Revolution, but American revolution took place in 1775-1783. The revolution was different from other revolution because of growing tensions between residents of Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies and the colonial government because American revolution was not like the others. This revolution was not like the others becauseRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution738 Words   |  3 Pagesas the American Revolution, or the Revolutionary War. The American Revolution was a war between the colonists of America and Great Britain and they were fighting over the independence of America from Britain. This war lasted until 1781, when the British surrendered to the Americans, As a result, America is a fully independent country and it has stayed that way since that day. There were many causes of the war, The Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party, and Lexington and Concord. The first cause of theRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution880 Words   |  4 Pages The American Revolution is the most important time in all of American history. This brought the birth of a new country and the treasured constitution. In the beginning, colonists were proud to be British. In the years to come, there were small occurrences that bothered the colonists and led to the Revolution. Other countries contributed to the start of a crueller British control. The French and Indian War caused King George III to introduce expensive taxes (Pavao). These taxes came about becauseRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution1335 Words   |  6 Pageswere multiple causes for the American Revolution, but the most important was the violation and deprivation of rights from the American People. The American people were faced with multiple acts and taxes that violated and took away their rights. Americans were continuously being taxed after the French and Indian War by acts like the sugar act, the stamp act, the Townshend acts,the tea act, and many more(Hedtke, et al., The Ame rican Saga). Despite all the taxes being placed on the Americans and the thingsRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution886 Words   |  4 PagesThe American Revolution began on April 19, 1775. It was the war between Great Britain and its colonies located in the New World. The colonists, as many historians put it, were like children rebelling against the motherland; however, they had many valid reasons for this revolt, including their desire for freedom and independence. My World History textbook says freedom was falsely promised when the colonists had settled (Krull 868). The more direct causes of this widely known rebellion include taxesRead MoreCauses of the American Revolution953 Words   |  4 PagesEmily Thou Mr. G./ Period 1 September 14, 2012 Causes of the American Revolution The American Revolution began in 1755 as an open conflict between the thirteen colonies and Great Britain. The Treaty of Paris had ended that war in 1783, giving the colonies their own independence. There are many factors contributing to the start of the Revolution, but the war began as the way The Great Britain treated the colonies versus the way the colonies felt they should be treated. For example, the FrenchRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution1344 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Revolution The causes of the American Revolution go back to the beginning of salutary neglect and the French and Indian War, as well as changes in the thinking of society. The effects of these events and other factors led to pressure within the colonies, ultimately resulting in rebellion. There were five factors to the nature of the American Revolution: The Environment, The Enlightenment, Self-Government, Economic Independence and Colonial Unity. The first factor that led to the AmericanRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution813 Words   |  4 PagesCauses Before the American Revolution, any imports from England from us had to come in ships owned by the British. Also, we could only sell tobacco and sugar to England. The British took French territory in Canada, east of the Mississippi River, and Spanish Florida which led to the American Revolution. Due to the war, Britain went in debt so, the British government placed taxes on goods so they could make more money. But that’s not all that led to the American Revolution, both the us and the FrenchRead MoreThe Causes Of The American Revolution1285 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Revolution began in 1775 as an open conflict between the thirteen colonies  in North America and Great Britain. By the  Treaty of Paris  that ended the war in 1783, the colonies had won their independence. Many factors played a role in the colonists desires to fight for their freedom. Not only did these issues lead to war, they also shaped the foundation of the United States of America. No one event was the  actual cause of the revolutionary war. It was instead,  a series of events that

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Event Evaluation Salt Fest Surf Festival

Question: Discuss about the Event Evaluationfor Salt Fest Surf Festival. Answer: Introduction: Salt Fest Surf Festival is a unique and new event which only occurred twice till date. It was held at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. The purpose of the event is to make a community gathering which celebrates the art, culture, music, foods and clothes of the surfing community. The event was simple, and the crowd was light. The report shows the positive and negatives of the event which can be improved in the coming days to yield more positive results. Sustainability is a vital issue which measures the success level of an event. The areas of improvement are discussed here with providing new strategies which can help the Salt Fest Surf Festival to be more successful and sustain in the future (SaltFest 2016). It is explained in this report that presentation of an idea in an interesting way is required to get the attention necessary for the topic. The Event: On the Gold Coast of Coolangatta, Australia, a free event took place name as the Salt Fest Surf Festival. It was the second time for this event. It took place at Queen Elizabeth Park on 3rd September. It started at 10 in the morning and lasted till 4 pm. The beach culture and the surf culture were celebrated here. It was accompanied by music from the local bands. The event had nothing to do with surfs except selling the surfboards. According to Getz, (2012), the objective of the festival was to admire the culture, music, art, local street foods, and clothes. The audience included local people, visitors, who were relaxing and having fun with their families, and friends. The age of the audience varied from sixteen to forty-five. Some parents brought their toddlers also. Maximum senior citizens stayed till after lunch. I attended the event as a music enthusiast. I was present there from 10:45 am to 4:30 pm. There were some sustainable approaches followed by the managers, although it lac ked many other sustaining strategies. The influence of the event on the local communities was being witnessed there. Reflection and Evaluation: In the year 2016, the Salt Fest Surf Festival, a small community event took place for the second time. The Triple Bottom Line of sustainability was followed while analyzing the event. The report is judged under the criteria of the ecological, economic, and socio-cultural factors. Its small size bounded the economic outcomes of the event. According to Schulenkorf, (2012), the significance of the small scale events like, Salt Fest Surf Festival in the community has been analyzed here. Accessing and assessing the economic impacts of this event was hard due to the management issues. The traffic around the area was feasible for mostly the local people only. As stated by Beatley and Newman, (2012), this restricts the event from injecting any new money in the community. Hence, the economic impacts were not significant. There was no other event nearby which could pull the crowd that day. It ensures low opportunity cost. People were mainly buying food products overseeing the other products be ing sold in the event. As stated by Meng, Jiani and Michael, (2014), community events like this might not yield many economic impacts, but the socio-cultural outcomes can be high. It promotes social networks, bonding among all groups of people. The socio-cultural aspects of this event can be divided into option value, bequest value, and existence value. Residents choosing to attend this event shows them opting for socializing. As stated by Dredge and Jamal, (2013), the young audience in the crowd proves that families are introducing their young family members to the surf culture. The existence value can be gathered from the fact that people are proud to show where they belong; in this case, it is the surfing community. As stated by Gibson, Kaplanidou and Kang, (2012), this community holds eighteen world champions which prove surfing being embedded in their daily lives. As stated by Martin and Assenov, (2012), the event shows the outcomes of celebrating the community's history and culture blended with entertainment. The management had made sure that the event did not disrupt the local life outside the park. The cleanliness and the efforts of keeping the negative effects low of the event show sustainability. According to Getz and Page, (2016), adverse aspects of the event might come through lack of rules in food sourcing, use of generators, waste management system, and not using nonrenewable energy to the maximum to power the devices. Recommendation for Future Improvement: The analysis above suggests various places for improving sustaining attributes in the future. As stated by Martin, (2013), to address the environmental concern the event management can opt for green energy which will reduce carbon emission. The event used generators which increased the overall emission level of the festival. Using solar powered electricity will decrease the emission levels. As stated by Page and Connell, (2014), the waste management has to be improved by differentiating the types of waste. The source and quality of food can be enhanced. Allotting more stalls for local food will benefit the local food providers. The event attendees mostly came avoiding the public transport. As stated by Jones, (2014), this decreases fuel efficiency. According to Raybould et al., (2013), the management can ensure public transports being used correctly by enforcing parking rules. The sound pollution was controlled in this event rigorously making the approach of controlling pollution a s ustaining one. As stated by Lobato, (2014), one of the socio-cultural issues was the lack of diversity in the event audience. The situation can be improved by including the indigenous people and aboriginals. This will ensure diversity in public. People of all age were present in the event which provides interaction between generations. This phenomenon will enrich the background and values of the community. Ensuring good quality of music will bring more people in the Salt Fest Surf Festival. The event only provided a bouncing house for the kids. Providing some more fun activities will draw more kids and parents in the event. According to Mair and Laing, (2013), the economic issues can be well handled by expanding the audience domain and including people from other places. This will inject money into the community from the outside. The other economic issues like allotting more budgets for the event can be backed by implementing a minimum ticket price, a penalty for not abiding by the rules of the festival committee, and others. Transport cost and fuel can be reduced by using public transports. For getting more recognition, the authorities can start a campaign before the event. This will increase the number of attendees. Reflection on Student Led Workshops: According to Griggs et al., (2013), the experience from student-led workshops was positive due to the diversity of the cultures present in the student domain. It encourages personal growth in communication and managing different people from various backgrounds. According to Hall, (2012), the workshops require addressing all the contents in limited time while getting intact attention from the listeners. Bad quality of voice projections and physical expression might ruin a presentation. The workshops help the students to learn how to present in front of an audience, which is an art. According to Sorokina, (2015), this skill can improve one's career. The workshops also help to understand the importance of sustainability in every kind of organizations. Strategic management, using green resources, and many other things are incorporated in the sustainability domain. As stated by Hjelte and Larsson, (2013), following the approach of sustainability in the early stage of an event, the organizers can avoid adverse impacts on the outcomes. Identifying the stakeholders of an event and acting according to the requirements incorporates actions like employing local people in the event. It will increase the level of support from the local community. It will help the committee to earn a good reputation. An idea no matter how good it is, presentation of that idea holds the key to success. The personal growth can be pointed out as the understanding the potential of sustainability. According to Hodgetts and Duncan, (2015), actions which follow the dimensions of a sustaining approach for events have the potential to make a positive impact on the community through the economic, environmental, and socio-cultural attributes. The experience of the workshops was challenging which empowers one regarding sustainability. Conclusion: The Salt Fest Surf Festival has successfully arranged two events celebrating the culture of surfing. There were several issues regarding the event, changing which can make it sustainable. The environmental problems can be addressed by inclining more towards green and renewable energy sources. Wastage management and campaign for the event are prescribed for having a sustaining environment for the event. The lack of diversity can be addressed by incorporating the Aboriginals and Indigenous groups residing nearby. This festival can be designed to produce positive economic impacts on the local people. 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